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  1. Preston Kitchen, 1978

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    Dear Mr Harris

    Enclosed please find cheque for completion of our kitchen.

    We would like you to know that it has been greatly admired by all who have seen it.

    If you wish to send any prospective customers along to see it, please feel free to do so.

    It has been a pleasure to do business with you.

    This customer was so impressed with his kitchen he couldn’t wait to fill it with people. 

  2. Blackburn Kitchen, 1983

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    Dear Sir,

    I feel that I must express great satisfaction for both my wife and myself with regards to the professional way in which the planning and installation work was undertaken. The end result certainly is a practical dream kitchen.

    Many thanks.

    A clear example of how a dream kitchen can be practical too, and absolutely no hassle. 


  3. Lytham Kitchen, 2007

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     “We had a whole load of building work done to open up the area, and then we had Chris’ design installed. We have gone from English Edwardian meets 70s’ kitchen to light and modern Teutonic efficiency. Chris was very helpful throughout all the stages from design through to completion and I would highly recommend SieMatic and Stuart Frazer to anyone looking to buy and install a new kitchen”.

     Bringing contemporary design into homes of any style is what Stuart Frazer loves to do. This man from Lytham was suitably impressed.