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Case study

When you build a dream home, the only place to start is Stuart Frazer

Having owned several properties, Heather and John have always had a keen eye for design. So when the opportunity came to build a dream home from scratch, they only had eyes for Stuart Frazer.

“I wanted the very best and nothing can rival Stuart Frazer and SieMatic,” explains Heather. “From the start, we allocated a large open-plan area where we could cook, eat, relax and entertain. We recently had a 60th party here and we comfortably catered for 100. It was fabulous to be able to have the celebrations in one space. The back kitchen that Stuart Frazer also designed was perfect as the caterers could operate from here, away from the party.”

For Heather and John, the kitchen really is the most important room in the house. “We virtually live in here as it has everything,” says Heather. “I love to see people’s reactions when they see it for
the first time. Stuart Frazer has certainly delivered the wow factor.” It’s not just Heather and John who are delighted with the kitchen, their son and daughter love it so much they’ve chosen Stuart Frazer to design kitchens in their new homes too.

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